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Albino Forms from Paph. lunatum


In issue 3 2023 of the german Orchideenjournal (V.D.O.F. e.v.) Olaf Gruss has an albino form of Paph. lunatum from the culture of Michael Tibbs as Paph. lunatum forma tibbsianum described,

The following images are from Michael Tibbs:



Paph. lunatum is now propagated from seeds and is becoming increasingly available. I bought four young plants - one of them is currently flowering in the normal colouration, while another plant could be described as having a semi alba colouration. Unfortunately, this flower did not fully bloom because the flower stalk turned brown from below. I therefore had to remove this flower and disassemble it into its components in order to photograph it. On the left you can see the plant that I would like to call semi alba - on the right a plant with normal coloring is shown:






Both the flower stalk and the underside of the leaves indicate an albino form. However, this can only be finally determined with the next flower.



more pictures from Paph. lunatum:


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