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Paphiopedilum christensonianum   PERNER & KOOP

Section: Paphiopedilum

Synonym: Paph. gratrixianum  und Paph. gratrixianum var. christensonianum


The species is as recent as 2010 as Paph. christensonianum after the "real" Paph. gratrixianum has been rediscovered.

In CHRISTESON's opinion, we haven't had Paph. gratrixianum for the last few decades in our cultures, but Paph. christensonianum... - the Paph. christensonianum has intense purple spots on the underside of the leaves (see photos).

Paph. gratrixianum/christensonianum is closely related to Paph. villosum and is considered by some taxonomists only as a variety of villosum.

These species have a wide range: northern Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and southern China

The flower color is variable, but only a few varieties have been described.





an older stock of plants Paph. gratrixianum - today = Paph. christensonianum











a new color variant of Paph. gratrixianum or Paph. christensonianum from southern Laos? Images are by Sulivong Luang Aphay






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